Damaged Property

What Are My Options for Damaged Property?

Arete Property offers two broad options for damaged property. We can repair it while it remains under the client’s ownership, or we can purchase it from the client, refurbish it, and then market it.

Our property consultant, Anna Dever, helps you go through the pros and cons of the different options you have for damaged property. Some of our clients want to move on and away from the destroyed place; others hold it dearly and would like to see it stand up again in all its glory and stature. The decision is also influenced by the investment clients are willing to give. For them, it is merely a question of “how much and is it worth it?”

For whichever option you choose, Arete does in-depth damages assessment before drawing a repair action plan. Other than quake-imposed damages, a house may require additional work such as repairing the sewer system, foundation, and electrical wiring.

Arete Professional Home Repair Management

Directors Ant Patrickson and Paul Szybiak manage our home repairs. They each contain a project separately, but if you are lucky, you may have both of them working with you at the same time. Elwin van Wees is in charge of the post-repair marketing while Anna does consultation.

For premises that clients want to reclaim after renovation, our home repair management works together with the clients to reach a consensus on the upgrades required.

Our management has designated the roles of releveling, repairs, scaffolding, and decoration to experts suited in those areas. We do not want your house suddenly collapsing after a supposed repair. For instance, Norman from Lionz Scaffolding is in charge of making sure the workers can easily access any part of the building to carry out repairs. He possesses a safe site certificate in addition to years in experience, which assures us of good time management, quality, and safety in delivery.