Earthquake Damaged Houses

How to Fix Earthquake Damaged Houses the Easy Way

We have managed the repair of earthquake-damaged houses in Canterbury for the past six years. We take responsibility for the whole process, from making agreements with engineers depending on their reports to obtaining the final Producer statement. The latter is proof that the standard of repair is top-notch and sustainable.

Arete Property has a good number of sub-contractors, which means that our prices are competitive. Our principal contractor is Kristian from Monarch Construction. All our EQC repairs go through him because he has managed over 60 quakes damaged properties. He also offers highly effective and efficient work plans.

We also carry out the land release in conjunction with Grout and Rock, a firm with extensive drilling experts. Our main contractor in leveling is Paul, who has three decades worth of experience. We base our work on providing services in line with the latest technology for the best outcome. The quality purpose is why we carry out releveling by raising the base, a common practice in EQC repair.

Want to Get Rid of That Damaged Property? We Buy Damaged Homes

If you would like to place your damaged house on the market, the Arete Property is the place to go. We buy damaged homes to give them a complete makeover that will leave them stunning and then place them on the market.

After acquiring relevant information on your damaged home, we carry out repairs and renovations to the house and install some new attractive features. These include but are not limited to 24/7 LED lighting, modern ensuite, and a heat transfer system. Spruce Up Decorating comes in after repairs to enhance the beauty of the house. Under the guidance of Chris, the Spruce Up crew does plaster, painting, and wallpaper installation. The team has years of experience decorating, which gives the assurance of making the house feel like home even before it has occupants.

We market the renovated property through our website to first home buyers, investors, or those who currently own property but would like to add on to their list of assets. Contact us if you would also like to sell your damaged house.