Earthquake Repair

We manage repairs on earthquake damaged property in Canterbury.

We have been working together with Monarch Construction since 2018 to facilitate the repairs on the houses we buy, although we also offer to take anyones damaged dwellings from un-insurable liability to insured asset. We can handle  the process from working with an engineer’s report and managing the process through to getting the final Producer Statement, which is the engineers sign off on the quality of the repairs.

Through the volume and repeat custom we provide our sub-contractors, we can offer very competitive repair costs to our clients. We can even offer temporary accommodation for extensive repairs where the owner has to move out. Check out available accomodation.

I’m thinking of buying an As Is Where Is house, what next?

I know what your thinking, “There is a huge margin in an earthquake damaged property!”

However there is no such thing as a free lunch and buying a damaged property can be a minefield for the inexperienced buyer. Some As Is properties can be repaired and some can’t – it truly is caveat emptor – ‘buyer beware’.

Be sure to read all reports associated with a property to establish if the property is indeed, repairable. You get what you pay for and engaging the correct people is essential, we’re able to get in you touch with the experts who we use for out own repairs.

On that note, even if you’re a handy man (or woman) beware of DIY-ing a repair, It’s not going to save you money. A paper trail of the repair is vital, from council documentation to Producer Statements it all has to be logged. Repairing an As Is Where Is dwelling is more about the paper-work than the hard-work! Get in touch with us today to make sure you’re in safe hands.

House Repairs

Kristian at Monarch Construction is the guy we trust with all our EQC repairs. With more than 60 properties under his belt he knows his way around earthquake damage and will be able to offer a quick and cost effective solution to bring your property back up to its former glory and code!


We work together with Grout and Rock, a company with extensive drilling experience. They are able to re-level houses by jacking up the base stab, this is by far the most common EQC repair. Paul is the director and with 30 years of experience he’s well equipped to handle any job!


After Monarch has gone through it’s Spruce Up Decorating’s turn to finish the property and give it a level of beauty it never had before! Chris offers painting, plaster and wallpaper services and has been in the industry for years. he runs an experienced crew who deliver quality.


To make sure everyone can reach where they need to go Norman at Lionz Scaffolding has all the materials and gear to make it happen.  With a site safe certificate and years of experience, Norman delivers timely safe work of the highest standard.