Private Home Purchases

Beautiful Homes Available: Private Home Purchases

We regularly update clients on the type, price, and specifications of private home purchases through our website. Clients must go through homes’ details on our market because homes are not a matter to be gambled. Home is the place where everyone wants to retire and find comfort, peace, and rest.

We offer counseling during purchase so that we make recommendations on the suitable home for you in terms of location, size, your needs both long term and short term, added features, and of great significance, your budget. We carry you through it all, from decision making to ownership transfer. We work with great caution so that our clients do not make rushed decisions in such a crucial matter as purchasing a home.

Our costs are as transparent as can be in addition to being negotiable. We do not subscribe to the notion of attracting customers with low prices then eating into their budget with unnamed extra costs.

How Do I Sell My Property?

It is vital to go through all the right channels when placing your home on the market. Arete Property has a team of experts with a mix of property marketing and consultation experience that will guide and support your sale process until it’s done.

We refurbish the premises to increase its market value and improve the features that make it a livable home. We then place a price on it, which is determined by several factors, including its location, number of rooms inclusive of their sizes and layouts, and the house’s age. Finally, we place the house under the “property for sale” sign.

Ownership of the property is transferred to us before we market the house. Our prices for damaged homes are reasonable, considering the state of the house. Prices are also subject to negotiation until we reach an agreement that favors our company and our client.