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Arete Property is the property investor that purchases your earthquake inflicted property and transforms into a valuable asset. Two years ago, we liaised with Monarch Construction to offer repair to these services. We take up a damaged building, whether you want it sold in its current state or you want it repaired, then sold or repossessed. We also offer the transformation of damaged houses from uninsurable liabilities to insurable assets.

The renovation results are guaranteed to be of high caliber since all projects go through certified professional engineers’ hands. We take pride in promoting post-quake building standards, which increases the property’s cost and ensures insurance caters for damages in the event of another quake.

Once we renovate the property, its value also picks up. Value addition means you can invest in the property by renting or selling it out. If you choose the latter, you can make arrangements with us to put your replenished property on the market and get you the best price.

Get a Property Investor Near Me

Arete Property caters to clients within Christchurch and the neighboring areas. If you wish to find us and get more information about the services we offer, key in “property investor near me” on your browser. Ensure your location finder is on. You will find us at 118D Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, Christchurch. You can also contact us at 0800 568 568 or email us at

So, why should you choose us out of any other property investor that pops up in your search? Arete has vast experience with properties, which has sharpened our skills on the same. We understand that there are several things you may need to focus your attention on in a post-quake period. For this reason, we guarantee a smooth and time conscious process of property repair or sale for a fast return to normalcy. Our prices are pocket friendly and correspond to the caliber of services we give.