Quick Home Settlement

Tired of Delays and Dishonored Deadlines? Get a Quick Home Settlement

Arete Property takes pride in offering quick home settlement so that you can move on with your life. Once you contact us, we respond promptly to arrange to view your property and relevant engineering reports. Within 24 hours, we make you a no-obligation price quotation. After this initial process, you can forward any further inquiries to us, and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

Arete offers temporary rent out houses where you can stay as you wait to get a new place or go back to your former. These houses are different in structure and furnishing to cater to various occupants and the other client needs.

Our group of experts are seasoned in earthquake damage and repair and can provide a speedy and financially savvy answer to restore your property’s magnificence.

Have Your Insurance Pay and Sell Your Home at the Same Time: Buy “as Is” Homes

At Arete Property, we buy “As Is” homes and start the process of renovating them while you get the settlement offered to you by EQC and your insurance company. What makes the “As Is Where Is” clause unique is that your current insurance policy is not transferred to us when we buy your home. “As Is” means that you relinquish all warranties on the building and receive insurance money before repairs have commenced.

The sale price we offer you is the exact amount of money you receive should you sell us your house. Arete is a private buyer, and therefore the sale process does not involve agents, commissions, or other hidden costs. Auctioning your property through an agent may seem like the option that attracts more financial returns, and it may be one. However, in our experience, most auctioned properties have ended up being sold at prices well below the Arete offer price. Agent and marketing fees are also likely to take up a big chunk of your sale price.

There is no exact date for you to move out since we offer you a 12-month period to choose the settlement date.